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Actors and actresses play a modern lyrical performance of the theater stage

 Embodiment lab exploring artistic expression as tools for personal growth and change.

We create transformative spaces through intuitive creative discovery and celebration.

 Intersection between Theatre, Design and Anthropology.

OUR Vision

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is to create Artistic Ceremonies, through Poetry, Installation-making, and Performance arts.

Empowering individuals to embrace and share their Creativity, Imagination, and human gifts.


 To change the world, we must start with oneself. ― MAHATMA GANDHI



We believe in the transformative power of Art and storytelling, and the importance of ritual for a better collective well-being. We view our audience as the event's chorus, integral to the unfolding experience.

Rooted in the notion of dismantling the fourth wall and using it as a space of catharsis and transcendence. 

Frame of work

at the heart of Art, Holistic Science, and Activism.

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Using artistic expression as a tool for Introspection- self-realization and embodiment.

We aspire to address complex societal issues such as Mental health, social justice,

and Environmental well-being.

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